Chinese for work

The most demanded professions in China are engineers, specialists in the field of IT and japanese to english, sales and tourism. The unemployment rate is quite low – 3.7%. For comparison, in the US it is 4.5%[4]. At the same time, even programmers and engineers for a career in China will need knowledge of the language. Companies rarely put non-Chinese-speaking employees in leadership positions.

Another popular profession among foreigners is an English teacher. According to Chinese law, you can legally work as an English teacher only if you are a native speaker or have a special international certificate. But the demand in the market is so high that out of 400,000 foreigners, ⅔ work illegally[5]. The average salary is 2,911 USD per month, but with official employment, the amount will be higher.

The Chinese language will also be useful for a career in Russia. It is in second place in demand after English. According to statistics, knowledge of Chinese increases the salary of an employee by 2-3 times. Thus, the average income of a sales specialist is 829 USD, and with knowledge of Chinese – 2,488 USD[6].

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