What to look for when learning Spanish

1. Verbs.
This is one of the hardest parts in learning such as translate sunda. Spanish verbs are divided into 14 tenses. Participles and gerunds also belong to the tenses of verbs. Mostly irregular verbs are used. All these features must be remembered. Adjectives, by the way, always come after nouns.

2. Synonyms.
There are a lot of synonyms in Spanish. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically replenish vocabulary.

3. Pronunciation.
This will seem like good news: all words are pronounced the same as they are spelled. There is one caveat: the meaning of a word may depend on stress and accents. Even in writing, stress must be marked with a stroke. If you are already familiar with English, then learning Spanish will not be difficult for you: most Spanish words are similar to English, and some sounds are close to Russian.

Secrets of learning Spanish (pro tips):
1. Learning Spanish (as well as any other foreign language for you) is better to start with individual learning. If this is not possible, then training can be carried out in small (mini-groups). Immersion in the language environment would be the best option.

2. As mentioned above, the most difficult part in learning Spanish is the verbs. Turn your verb reference book into your reference book.

3. Expand your speaking practice with chats, forums, vlogs, movies, music. Listen to the radio or read newspapers in Spanish. Immerse yourself in great works: read books in their original language.

4. Repetition is the mother of learning. Revisit material from time to time.

The process of learning Spanish for three months can give excellent results if the training is carried out in a language environment with a native speaker and practiced around the clock. But any knowledge will be forgotten if it is not used. Effective language learning is a long process, knowledge should not only be remembered, but also assimilated. If you learn a language quickly enough, it may seem ineffective, because you get mess in your head. Therefore, training should take place according to a variety of methods and types of training. Do not exercise more than 6 hours a day. Change the direction of learning: after studying grammar, you can watch a movie, listen to music.
You will be able to communicate freely enough with the Spaniards after several years of continuous training.

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