Website translation

Today, being a polyglot becomes an urgent need for an employee of any decent company. Knowledge of several languages ​​and english to bangla translation always puts a person head and shoulders above his colleagues. But what about a foreigner who has come to Russia, does not know Russian, but is already looking for a job? And what about a foreign partner who would like to conclude a contract, but the site of the preferred company is so “Russian” that you can’t figure it out. Of course, there are many ways to translate sites and, if you wish, you can hire a personal translator. But with the development of the worldwide network, people have become so lazy that, having entered a foreign site and not understanding a word, they can immediately click on the cross of the tab. It is for such clients and to increase the attractiveness of the company that there is a special website translation.

Many organizations strive to have their sites multilingual. The development and success of a company in the market largely depends on the choice of language. Of course, the most popular language is English. About 60 countries translate company websites into this language. Perhaps it is English that helps to enter the world arena. The second and third most popular languages ​​are Chinese and Japanese. Translation of a website into Russian attracts only 3% of people around the world, while translation of a website into ten languages ​​opens up all the prospects for active interaction of the company with international partners.

Website translation is carried out at the existing rates. When translating the entire site, it is necessary to take into account all the elements – menu items, banners, background, messages, contacts. Sometimes it becomes difficult to translate specific sections on the site.

As for advertising texts on the site, a more creative approach of the translator is required. When translating advertisements, the translator has the right to distort the meaning of the original text, while maintaining a certain communicative effect. Often, a translated website is reviewed and edited by a native speaker of the foreign language.

Most often, the cost of translating site texts is determined on an individual basis. As a rule, the company’s website is constantly updated. In this regard, constant work of the translator on the site is necessary: ​​translation of news, texts, new advertisements. Translators can work remotely with an advance payment system. Translate texts and coordinate them by e-mail.

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