How to legalize documents when buying real estate in Canada?

Buying real estate in Canada is a profitable investment. In a country with an actively developing economy, residential and commercial facilities, as well as land plots are in demand. Real estate is often purchased for business use. But for its accounting on the balance sheet of the buying organization, the documents confirming the transaction, ownership of the objects must be properly legalized.

The way to legalize documentation is not easy. The apostille procedure is indispensable here. How to minimize risks and optimize the process? Cooperation with specialized specialists will help. A real estate lawyer will advise the customer of services on the registration of property in Canada, the subsequent legalization of documents for the objects. The specialist will take upon himself the solution of all administrative, legal and bureaucratic issues, represent the interests of the principal in the notary office, profile ministries, and the consulate.

How to quickly and easily buy a property?

Buying real estate in Canada is profitable, easy and convenient. In this country, there are practically no legal barriers for foreign buyers. Restrictions apply in some provinces and relate to the area of ​​land and the number of acquired properties. The legal procedure for buying and selling with the subsequent registration of ownership is standard.

Buying property in Canada usually takes place in 6 stages. The first three are preparatory. They provide:

search and selection of objects;
registration of the buyer’s offer (offer to purchase);
registration of applications for loans (if there is a need to use borrowed funds).
The subsequent stages relate directly to the transaction. Specialists check its legal purity, as well as the compliance of the actual state of the object with the declared one. The final stage involves the execution of a standard sales contract with the subsequent registration of real estate. Transaction support may also include additional services. Usually they relate to the legalization of documents in the buyer’s country.

Legal nuances of legalization of documents

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Russian documents in Canada and Canadian documents in Russia require legalization according to the standard procedure. A simple apostille is not enough to recognize them as authentic. Canada is not a signatory to the Hague Convention.

The consular procedure is used to legalize documents. It takes place in four stages:

notarial confirmation of the authenticity of documents;
assurance in the Ministry of Justice;
assurance in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
certification at the embassy.
The procedure is quite specific. Various difficulties may arise during the legalization of documents. They all delay the process. In order to minimize risks and optimize time costs, cooperation with specialized companies is recommended.

Subtleties of translation

To legalize Russian documents in Canada, they must be translated into a language that has official status in a Western country. There are two such languages ​​in Canada: English, French. But you should take into account the specifics of the consular legalization of documents. For consideration in Canada, in accordance with internal regulations, only documents translated into English are accepted.

If the authentication in Russia is performed in violation of the administrative procedure, the buyer’s documents cannot be legalized in Canada and vice versa.

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